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Funk rhythm guitar is probably one of the trickiest - certainly the grooviest - genres of guitar music there is. Mastering this style unlocks the entire fretboard, allowing you to roam free, released from the constraints imposed by other styles.

funk empowerment box and disc

Funk Empowerment - Groove guitar mastery using the CAGED system will kit you out with all of the tools and tricks you need to become a thoroughbred groovemaster.

Over the course of 30 lessons, each demonstrated at two speeds and fully transcribed in the accompanying PDF booklet, we'll show you how to take your playing beyond your best and into funk.

All of the Funk Empowerment grooves are built on chords I, IV and V in the keys of E, A and D (major and minor). We've taken these three keys - the bedrock of much guitar music - and funked them up with some hot rhythms and memorable chords. The grooves are further divided into three harmonic "worlds" that are fundamental to all music styles: minor 7th, dominant 7th and major 7th.

Funk Empowerment Groove guitar mastery using the CAGED system is only available from this website, so if you want the the funk then we've got it - just head over to our orders page to get your copy.